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Elizabeth Carlton
Elizabeth Carlton
After dabbling in clay in high school and college, Elizabeth Carlton realized she had a passion for the art form, and after several years of developing the craft she began creating the first of a long line of distinctive pottery. Taking inspiration from her coastal influences and from her children's bright and festive surroundings, she began sculpting with earthenware clay resulting in a distinctive pottery line. Wanting something vibrant and colorful, Carlton discovered her passion was in creating whimsical designs and over time began to craft a unique style of pottery.

At first, Carlton sold pottery to friends and family members, at church bazaars and at trunk shows. Consequently, as the collection began to appear around the southeast, she began to receive more requests for items and more and more pieces were sold. Little did she know, those early days would help mold her style and be the beginning of one of the most distinctive and appealing art series available in the south. Through hard work and dedication, Carlton has established a loyal collector's base and an outstanding reputation for remarkable art. She has sold thousands of her pieces to collectors across the world.

Originally from Roanoke, Virginia, Carlton lives in Charleston on a tidal creek with her husband Sam, their two daughters Isabel and Sarah, and a few family dogs. A woman with a keen eye, mischievous wit, and knack for creativity, Carlton has amazing concepts for future lines and hopes to add more variety and styles to her collection.